Monday, January 3, 2011

Chevrolet Corvette Twin Turbo C6 By Dallas Performance

Dallas Performance may not be a tuning firm that is all too familiar on the wonderful world of the web, but boy are they coming out with a bang! For their launch into the tuning world, the Texas tuner is introducing their most impressive creation: a Chevrolet Corvette owned by Robert Varela (DFGDTT), a proud Member of the 200+ MPH Club at the Texas Mile.
The meat of the package lies with the engine overhaul which includes a 434cid LSX Block with performance induction LS3 heads, a single plane intake, RC 120# injectors, a Dallas Performance spec’d custom Twin Turbo Kit and a TR-6060 transmission with C6 ZO6 differential. All of this adds up to 1,250 kicking ponies all squeezed neatly into the Twin Turbo C6. It’s a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful, the Corvette doesn’t look too shabby on the outside either, with a glistening black paint job, carbon fiber rims, and a new set of much needed speed adapted tires. Don’t know about anyone else, but this sure looks like the perfect American icon to us.

Dallas Performance has six different packages for the Corvette that start off with 590hp at $3,280 and end up with over 1,000hp with prices starting at $51,580. Yes, the price seems kind of crazy, but so does the horsepower, and they’re both worth it in our speed-hungry minds.

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