Friday, January 21, 2011

Awesome & Creative Sticky Notes

Truly the meaning that everything can be dope in its own way, even your note/sticky pads! click on the next page for more really dope pads!

 Kakuzai Wood Memo Block
Why do you need a stack of memo notes that look like a block of wood?
 Talk to the Hand
Did you just leave a mes­sage for one of your friends on a bor­ing old yel­low sticky note? Oh, no you di-n’t. Next time, Talk To The Hand because the hand com­mands respect! You have 300 chances to get your point across in each pad. High Five!
 Knot Block
Every writer occa­sion­ally feels lost in the woods, unable to find the right words. But when inspi­ra­tion strikes, go with the grain and write it down! Knot Block comes with 600 2–1/4″-square pine-​​inspired pages on which to scrawl your deep thoughts and pass­ing fan­cies. Each pad is shrinkwrapped.
 Mur­der, Ink
This 300-​​page sticky notepad is per­fect for poi­son pen notes, let­ters of res­ig­na­tion, hit lists, and office to-do’s. Mur­der, Ink comes com­plete with blood spat­tered pen, so it’s sure to make a state­ment on your desk right beside that sus­pi­ciously sharp let­ter opener. Each pad and pen is packed In a full-​​color illus­trated peg­gable gift­box.
 Twit­ter Post-​​it
For all you twit­ter fanat­ics out there!

An iconic alter­na­tive to the most pop­u­lar yel­low post-​​it notes, 3.5″ floppy disk shaped sticky notes, designed for tak­ing notes — attach­ing notes to doc­u­ments and to other sur­faces.
 Toasted Notes
This pip­ing hot slice of toast is pretty hard to miss on your desk­top, so you’ll always be able to put your fin­gers on a but­tery lit­tle self-​​stick note when you need one.
 To-​​Do Tat­too
Here’s a tongue-​​in-​​cheek trib­ute to any­one who’s ever scrib­bled a reminder on their hand or wrist. Err, that would be about every­body, right?
 Ein­stein­ian Glu­ons
With­out a doubt Ein­stein ranks among the great­est sci­en­tific and math­e­mat­i­cal minds of all time. At the age of 26, he set forth his the­ory of rel­a­tiv­ity, which dis­cards the con­cept of time and space as absolute and views them as rel­a­tive to mov­ing frames of ref­er­ence… and this was only the begin­ning. Until his death at the age of 76, Ein­stein made con­tri­bu­tion after con­tri­bu­tion towards a greater under­stand­ing of our uni­verse. 
 Origami Sticky Notes
Origami Sticky Note Pad is a lit­tle some­thing for those dull moments at the office. Recy­cle your old sticky notes and turn them in to fun 3D mod­els! Each pad has instruc­tions for 10 dif­fer­ent shapes, includ­ing: pig; pen­guin; boat; crane; but­ter­fly; squir­rel; lily and water bomb
We all know the frus­tra­tion of hav­ing an incred­i­ble idea hit you in the shower only to have it slip away before you could write it down. Now you can jot down those ideas with the AquaN­otes Water­proof Notepad. The water­proof pad fea­tures 40 per­fo­rated sheets so you can take your ideas, lists, and plans for fix­ing the gov­ern­ment wher­ever you go. Using the included suc­tion cups, stick the AquaN­otes Water­proof Notepad and water-​​resistant cedar wood pen­cil on the wall of your shower. Made in the USA of non-​​toxic and recy­clable water­proof paper
 Fuck Nasty Notes
Ultra-​​witty, delight­fully filthy Nasty Notes are the per­fect way to cul­ti­vate your inner fucker. Ideal for the demure as well as the down­right aggres­sive, these stick­ies are a one-​​two punch to put your foes—or friends—in their place

Flip Book
Sticky note pad with printed ani­ma­tion. Sticky note pads printed with var­i­ous illus­trated ani­ma­tions. It’s like a teeny tiny piece of cin­ema each time you need to remem­ber to buy some milk. 
Tired of using those same squared sticky notes all over your desk, notes and PC? Here is a per­fect way to leave mes­sages in a shape of a leaf. Dec­o­rate your work space as if plant­ing trees around you
 USB Memo
The newest USB release how­ever, is not very cute or wacky, but rather Post it Notes!! USB stick holds 100 mini notes and 2GB of mem­or
Awe­some design, but early banned by Apple
 «Eat your words»
 goes from a tired cliche to an appeal­ing propo­si­tion when you’re writ­ing on the Kudamemo. These memo pads look like deli­cious apples and pears from the out­side, but look closer and you’ll dis­cover that they’re made of 150 pre­mium sheets of note paper, each printed like a fruit cross-​​section. Via.

Apps-​​on are Post-​​its that look like the iPhone 4, made to help peo­ple who design and develop apps plan out the var­i­ous stages quickly and eas­ily. The paper stick­ies match the exact specs of an iPhone 4 — width, height, dis­play area — and have a dot­ted grid sys­tem that lets you sketch accu­rately but doesn’t show up if you pho­to­copy or scan the post-​​it
 Pan­togar Memo Pad
Los­ing hair grad­u­ally is a prob­lem peo­ple tend to neglect. A spe­cially designed memo pad is made to engage peo­ple with the prob­lem of hair loss. As users tear off memo sheets every day, the illus­trated person’s “hair” becomes thin­ner and thin­ner, alert­ing them of pos­si­ble hair loss. They then remind them to face the prob­lem before it is too late and that Pan­togar revi­tal­izer is the best solu­tion. Cre­ated by JWT, Hong Kong
Black Post-​​it Notes
MOSLEY TRIBES cre­ated the world’s first black post it note pad. This pad comes with its own metal­lic sil­ver Sharpie. Be the illest in your office and blow away the com­pe­ti­tion with this jumpoff. 
Read My Lips
A totally girly lip­stick pen and sassy lip shaped sticky notes come all wrapped in an adorable suit­case styled pack­age. Add a per­sonal touch by includ­ing a lip shaped sticker option that is sold sep­a­rately. Here is an ideal gal favor for show­ers, stagettes or engage­ment par­ties

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