Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Remaking of W Magazine

W magazine has been given a makeover that will shape its future. This clip details the revival of W magazine, from its logo change to an alteration in its cover format and much more. Guiding us through, editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi introduces the viewer to the new concepts and indeed to some of the staff behind the scenes. The video provides an exclusive insight into the making and the thought process behind the already rare occurrence of the restyling and publication of an existing magazine. Keep an eye out for celebrity features, models and the way in which the workers envision W magazine’s future. The newly revamped W magazine’s latest instalment features the multi-talented Pharrell Williams. Taking an exclusive look around the star’s home, fans are given the chance to see P’s pool, pianos, contemporary art collection and more. Not content with shooting around the house, Pharrell also partakes in a spot of modelling, sporting an array of different clothes pulled from his own wardrobe. Look out for the feature in its entirety in the forthcoming issue of W magazine, whilst the aforementioned video can be streamed using the hyperlink above.

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