Friday, November 19, 2010

iPod Nano Watch

Finally...a reason to get the new iPod Nano! The idea of turning the Nano into a watch is one thing, but actually making it look and feel right is completely another. Enter Scott Wilson, formerly the global creative director for Nike Watches. He's the man behind TikTok and LunaTik, well-designed, engineered and manufactured products that snuggly and beautifully cradle your Nano.

You just snap the Nano into the wrist dock and away you go! TikTok is the cheaper version with a plastic band and a snap-in frame inspired by the locking mechanisms in skiboots. The LunaTik is the nicer, more premium offering - it's forged from Aerospace Grade Aluminum and then machined via CNC into its final form. "The straps are made from high grade silicone rubber and the hardware is solid stainless steel not some chrome plated brass that will wear off. The quality of these watch cases and straps will be scrutinized very carefully and produced in the same factories that produce the best watches for companies like Nixon, Diesel, Vestal, and Nike."

He even took the time to make a snazzy video, below.

TikTok+LunaTik MultiTouch Watch Kits for iPod Nano from Scott Wilson on Vimeo.

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