Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ostoure | Super Naked Bike

Mohammad Reza Shojaie recently completed a powerful looking motorcycle which he rightfully named Ostoure, meaning “Legend” in Persian. This super naked midnight black bike utilizes a nostalgic and the delicate body jointed to engraved designs in the Persepolis (located in the background pictures after the jump), although being a super-naked bike, it still enjoys a muscular almost mythical presence. In Persepolis’s masterpieces, the most delicate pictures are engraved on the hardest material stones, which often exhibit ancient kings, knights and soldiers in battles. Ostoure also utilizes delicate design, in spite of the fact that draw on the roughest class naked-bike. Ostoure is 2WD, which is not the first in this type, but it is one of the most applicable

The power transmission system consists of two differentials; the steering in front wheel is performing by these joints. The rear suspension system is a regular single spring and in front wheel is the same but in opposite direction. Due to this type of suspension in front wheel the radiator dimension has been minimized and two extra small ones invented in bike’s sides under its body support the central radiator

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