Monday, August 9, 2010

Igor Chak’s Space Invader Couch

Young designer Igor Chak’s Space Invader Couch does something initially quite obvious – transforms the Space Invader into a leather and glass sofa. Chak’s lined the seat with memory foam for comfort, making a chair he says is “very fashionable and hard to pass by.”

The design also plays well into Chak’s biography. Born in Russia, he moved to Japan at age 5. The experience there jump started a life long interest in consumer product, popular culture, and technologies. The passion for these things has evolved over time (towards pieces like the Space Invader Couch) and Chak has since worked and studied throughout the United States (Salt Lake City, Seattle, LA).
In sum, the Space Invader Couch translates as something more than just flight of fancy.

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