Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2010 Ferrari California By Anderson Germany

In its standard version, the Ferrari California’s V8 engine develops a total of 460 HP. Now, in true tuner fashion, Anderson Germany has increased the engine’s power by a total of 55 HP (to a total of 515 HP). To achieve that increase, the tuner reprogrammed the ECU and added a valve controlled stainless steel exhaust system. Unfortunately, the tuner did not release any details on how these changes affected the vehicle’s performance.

The package for the Ferrari California also includes a set of special light-weight 21 and 22" wheels and an adjustable damper that can either lower the ride by 35mm or raise it by 40mm. The exterior is also freshened up by a carbon-finished front spoiler lip, side skirt wings, rear diffuser, rear mud guard, side ventilation, and rear spoiler lip.

Not much of the interior was altered during this tuning makeover, but Anderson Germany did provide the vehicle with carbon fiber accents that will surely provide a classy sporty look. The air vents, radio facing, center consoles, door handles, rocker switches, and steering wheel facing are all coated in carbon fiber.

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