Friday, July 16, 2010

Phoenix Flowers by RankinFraser and 7N Architects

The project was designed by 7N Architects and RankinFraser Landscape Architecture for the Glasgow Canal Regeneration Partnership (GCRP), a partnership between Glasgow City Council and ISIS Waterside Regeneration, supported by British Waterways Scotland.
The project has involved the radical revitalisation of this crucial link between the canal network and Glasgow’s City Centre which was severed by the construction of the M8 motorway in the 1960s. The project is the first stage of the regeneration of Speirs Locks transforming its primary interface to the city centre from an inhospitable barrier to one which will be a positive threshold to the wider area.

The Garscube Link has been christened “The Phoenix Flowers”, a reference to the former Phoenix Park which once occupied the site before the construction of the motorway.

Project Title: Phoenix Flowers, Garscube Landscape Link
Location: Garscube Road/ M8 Flyover, Glasgow, Scotland
Cost: £1.2million
Construction start date: 21st September 2009
Completion date: 28th June 2010

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