Thursday, May 27, 2010

WMNS Nike Blazer Hi “Chinatown”

Since the beginning of time bootleggers have been counterfeiting authentic products with high hopes to make a quick buck off some consumers who usually can’t tell the difference between the real deal and the tomfooley out there. Since it’s nearly impossible to beat the counterfeiters, one company figured why not join em? Enter Jack Spade, who some years ago released a collection of tote bags called the Chinatown Collection (also known as the Canal Street bags) which resembled the cheap plastic, plaid bags that were being sold all over Canal Street. The collection proved to be so successful that Jack Spade was tapped by New Era to collaborate on a 59Fifty using the plastic red, white and blue plaid pattern. A fitted which eventually would sell through resellers for prices upwards of $350.

Taking a note right from the book of Spade, it appears Nike has found a little inspiration of their own from the plastic tote bags. Seen here is a new Womens Nike Blazer Hi which we have personally dubbed “Chinatown” in honor of Jack Spade’s collection. Not that Jack has anything to do with these, nor is the pattern or colors exactly the same (lawsuit anybody?), but the moment we saw them they instantly reminded us of those iconic bags which is why we have labeled them as such. The side paneling even appears to have somewhat of a glossy, plastic look to it, and depending on how you look at it and how the lights hitting them, you’ll also notice a shimmer pattern on small circles laid out over the sides.
Now whether or not you got a Jack Spade feel from seeing these is a different story, so take it for what it is on your end. We can’t say for sure those bags had anything to do with these. They could indeed just be some random colorway featuring some random grid pattern. No matter what you’re take is on them though, if you’re digging them you can get a pair in womens sizes 6-11 through Finish Line for $78, otherwise they’ll be more to come.

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