Friday, April 30, 2010

Plastic Lamps from d-VISION at Salone del Mobile

The Poly Lamp (white lamp)
The inspiration for the Poly lamps was the randomly ’sculptured’ polyethylene leftovers which are created on a daily basis, a mass amount of plastic is spilled on the factory floor after each batch work.

A semi craft and semi industrial process served to reverse-engineer those ‘creations’. Using polyethylene from an industrial extruder and hand worked craftsmanship, creates a unique shape and textures to each piece of the Poly lamp series.

Materials: Polyethylene, metal frame
Technique: Extrusion combined with hand made technique.

The Organic Plastic Lamp (red lamp)
The light fixture is composed of polypropylene beads which are shaped by using a unique technique of external heating. Heating the different areas creates unique forms that illustrate the process of consolidation and reflect real biological processes. This manufactuing process generates a series of light fixtures which appearance is strongly related, but will never be identical, hence emphasizing the difference between an industrial product to an artistic one.

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