Friday, June 25, 2010

Audi Axiom

The Axiom project is a branding exercise designed to introduce 'beauty' to the implications of Audi's tradition. The key is to find a way in which the two can be used together to promote the beauty of today's world. In addition to this, Axiom is a study into balancing proportion, surface tension and aesthetic emotion for the Audi brand.

The Audi Axiom project is designed to express beauty, if any, that exist with the brand. As beauty is a broad subject, and also one that does not directly comply with the Audi brand, only a select few areas could have been explored. The first is Audi tradition, the brand's history is full of success and progress through technology has been the driving force. The spirit of our society in today's world is full of uncertainty and chaos, and progress is always a continuous hope for everyone. Axiom is an attempt to reflect this feeling and promote beauty as a place of refuge from the confusion of the world.
The second area where Audi could explore beauty, is the relation we have with time. The beauty of time, and the things that come with it such as history, wisdom, knowledge and legacy, all have links to Audi. Audi have pioneering status in many areas of design and technology, and expressing this through aesthetics is a clear direction to take. The visual energy from the car is designed to express age, content and wisdom gathered over Audi history, this is combined with the technological aspect of Audi where sportiness, power and agility are key to promote the brand.

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